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Blair Robert Lowe
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Still not 2x BW, but I did eclipse 1.5BW. I have never done much DLing till this year but figured it would be good to add in my regime.

Till today, was highest was low 200s, but towards the end of my max effort DL ( after doing some cleans and snatches and an hour of tumbling and vaulting ) I decided to just go for 110. Not really a problem, at all I figured since my previous max seemed light but a good ending point that day.

110 seemed ok, though I was thinking my grip would be the failing point not my legs. I tried 140 and my grip failed so I switched to a mix grip. Quite a bear. I do feel that I kept the arch/straightness in my back during both lifts but not sure if the hips and shoulder were connected as I would like. I had just tried cleaning 133 and it could have just been a mental thing, but it did not seem I could even get it off the ground.

Apparently, I can still vert 24." This made me happy, since I remember a few months ago while playing basketball, my friend commented my vert leap really sucked ( he's a vert leap fanatic but probably only 24-30" after his plyo training ). I do know it was an off, tired, sleep deprived day but felt all in all my vert was between 20-24. It still means, I have to get at least 6" to be where it used to be but should be more than enough to do standing back flips as long as I go back an polish my form ( lost them quite a while and have gotten discouraged because of my lack of vert and ab strength compared to when I had them solid ).

It looks like grip strength training is in order, which I figured when I tried to do weighted pullups on my bar ( which is just a slick power tower than I've been meaning to sand and abrade ).

I had hoped to go for a BW C&J, but it just wasn't in the cards. My snatch technique felt pretty good at 89lbs and 111, but seeing as my clean failed at 133, I decided to move on. My hang clean and snatch are still weaker which means I need to work that hip throw.

I'm looking forward to being able to Muscle-Up again, making my back levers long and getting a front lever again and something cross-like and planche like. It's been a long time since I could MU at will or just MU-period. My dip strength have gone to crap and I just get stuck there usually, though my pullup strength isn't what it used to be either ( I think my dip strength has suffered more than my pullup strength, though ).

La di da. Guess, I need to try my back squat and shoulder press soon ( for CFT, right. not BP? ).
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