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Injuries Chronic & Acute

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Old 07-11-2013, 12:19 AM   #21
Firat Keler
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Re: Low back pain followed with a hell of a sciatic

Originally Posted by Mathieu Corriveau View Post
Got news from my Doc yesterday.
I need to do a MRI, SCAN was not conclusive enough.
They think that I might have a sequestrated disc, which, by the sounds of it, is the nastiest type.
It means that part of the disc has rupture and is floating around in the nerve canal.

Not stoked at all about that... I am getting a bad feeling about all this...

Weird things is that I feel better then I was last week.
Sciatica is now "mild".
I can sleep much better now and it doesn't really bother in my daily chores.
Morning is also much better, I can wake up and cook breakfast without sitting down.
I walk with a bit of limp, but it is not really painful.
Of course, I am not doing any kind of training or rehab, since I am still unsure of my condition.

If you have information about a sequestrated disc, please share!

I know that sequestrated/extruded disc is worse than a herniated disc. Because gel inside the disc reaches to the spinal canal and may cause pressure on the nerves. However, spontaneous regressions are most common in this type of disc injuries according to the recent researches. (Search 'Spontaneous Regression' in Google)

I have one in my neck. Thank God, I'm asymptomatic. So it's not the end of the world and there's a possibility to heal completely.
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Old 11-20-2013, 06:01 AM   #22
Mathieu Corriveau
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Re: Low back pain followed with a hell of a sciatic

Well Well,
After a second MRI, I got diagnose with a grade 1 retrolisthesis (7mm) of L4 on L5.
The massive hernia has regress a little bit (from 10mm to 8mm).

On the pain side, I feel pretty good.
I feel the sciatica a little bit in the morning, and when I stand up after a few minute of sitting.
My back is still really weak, I have to do a perfect deadlift everytime I need to pickup something off the floor.
But, I can walk without pain, and do body weight workout.
Riding my mountain bike doesn't cause me pain neither.

I would like to know if anyone has insight about retrolisthesis.
From what I could gather, it is pretty rare and very nasty to recover from.
It is not clear of this can be heal by a Chiro or PT.
Even if I had to drastically reduce my activity I am still very fit, so I guess this can only help me in my recovery (thank god for paleo eating).

I am meeting a neurosurgeon tomorrow.
Even you have any insight, please share!

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Old 12-12-2013, 07:59 PM   #23
Roy Chapman
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Re: Low back pain followed with a hell of a sciatica

How did your appointment go with the Neurosurgeon? Your MRI looked exactly like mine did back in January of this year. I would recommend trying the McKenzie protocol. I dealt with my sciatica for about 6 months before finally deciding to have the microdiscectomy. I had the procedure on March 1st of this year and have recently PR'd my back squat and deadlift. Keep us posted. That looks like a nasty herniation but my opinion would be to try McKenzie before jumping into shots or surgery. Good luck!
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Old 03-03-2014, 08:41 AM   #24
Mathieu Corriveau
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Re: Low back pain followed with a hell of a sciatic

Well, its almost been a I thought that an update would be in order!

(My condition is a L4-L5 8mm extruted herniation combine with a Grade 1 Retrolisthesis of L4 on L5).

So the neuro surgeon suggested operation, which I am not ready to have.
The sciatica has reduce greatly, I have some mild pain in the glutes and calf if I stand or sit incorrectly for too long.
I am still unable to lift weight or train really hard.
But I can go skiing or play hockey with my kids.
I think I will be able to do some MTB this summer has it doesn't put pressure on my back.

My back is now real tight around the L4-L5 level.
When I bend over, its like I have a strip of duck tape on my back, and it stretching the skin sort of speak.

I had a cortisone injection last week, it didn't do much in terms of pain or "tightness".

I bough some gravity boots, so I can hang upside down on the pull-up bar, that seems to help a lot.

I am doing a tons of stretching, mostly around the hip, thoracic spine, quads and hamstring. I am also getting some killer time doing the plank/side plank!
Also doing a lot of Lacrosse ball massage.

My condition is still getting better (I think) from month to month.

I havent see a PT in a while...Stayed away from Chiro, not sure they can help here.

So this is it!
I am hoping to keep getting better without surgery.
If you are aware of something that could help me get better, faster, please share!!!

Peace out.
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Old 03-05-2014, 08:55 PM   #25
Richard Deyan
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Re: Low back pain followed with a hell of a sciatic

Originally Posted by Mathieu Corriveau View Post
I have been training for close to 2 years now.
I started to have lower back pain 2 months ago.
I stopped the training but kept playing hockey 3 times a week...I am a goalie and it was playoff time, so I "had" to play.

I went to see a Chiro 8 times over 4 weeks, without any progress.
Last week, lower back pain completely disappear, but a pretty nasty sciatic pain took his place.
Never had that before, holly hell it is nasty, I have a hard time sleeping at night.
Morning is the worst, takes me a few hours to get up.
Shooting pain in the butt, knee, calf, ankle and toes tingling
My doc prescribe me a pretty good pills cocktail, but I still feel the pain.

I am getting a TACO done tomorrow night so i will no more about the injury.

Any of you has any input about that ?
I don't know if the training resulted in the injuries or years of prior abuse.
All my CrossFitters haters friends are having a good time reminding me that CrossFit will lead to injuries...
I still don't believe that.

What is troubling me is that the back pain is totally gone...

Thanks for any input
Use and abuse of your tissues and body will lead to injury sooner or later. If you take care of them constantly, you will probably be less prone to injury, especially with good movement. It's almost useless sometimes to really even try and give a proper medical diagnosis to this kind of back and sciatic pain, because the treatment is going to be the same (same from doctors which usually sucks, and same from physio's which is sometimes better).

Either way you've got some issues in your lower back and it flares your sciatic nerve. People are going to throw around terms like "sciatica" and "piriformis syndrome", stupid catch all phrases to describe a set of symptoms that have too many variables in really nailing down the cause.

Many people can have a bulging or herniated disc without any pain. You've got a shooting pain down your leg, that's usually a strong sign of a compromised disc in the lumbar region, or more than one. What caused it, maybe you know.

Those are two really good videos to try and help explain.

I would smash quadratus lumborum, iliacus, TFL, psoas, rectus femoris, glute and glute min then supra patellar pouch, then peroneal nerve on the outside of the calf, then finally down to the foot. I would be tacking and flossing that high hamstring with a barbell or ball after voodoo flossing. All of those things should really attack the issue all the way downstream. Whatever hurts the most might be a bingo, but just remember that if it hurts there, that's not the only place you need to address in order to fix it. You gotta think what attaches to that. So all of those things really can address it. I know it's a lot but it could be about 30 min a day or so. Keep mobilizing, keep moving, keep lifting fairly light and low intensity.
The Healthy Pig
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Old 03-06-2014, 01:58 AM   #26
Alex Burden
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Re: Low back pain followed with a hell of a sciatic

A friend of mine had a similar problem and the doctor put her into rehab directly after 6 months of back and forth before an MRI.

The phyisio there put her to work and in some type of machine or bench to reduce the pressue on the back too for short periods. (no idea what that could have been but it worked)

No surgery at all.

What could have been an issue for her was that she was too mobile due to her karate training thus loosing the muscle control in her hips and lower back. She has built up stability and strength in her thoracolumbar fascia and abs and this has really helped her.

She is now 100% ok and does not stretch as much as before but hits the weights to give her strengh in the lower back and that compact feeling that she has control when kicking people in the head
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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Old 03-26-2014, 11:58 AM   #27
Bryan Rowland
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Re: Low back pain followed with a hell of a sciatic

When I had back issues and the pain down the leg I went to PT. I will tell you Dry needling helped a lot. The key is to catch the injury early for the quickest healing time. If it ever should happen again suck it up and take yourself into the doc that day. You will be thankful when your 100% in less than a month.
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