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Running a CrossFit Facility Tips and guidance on how to open and operate a CrossFit gym.

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Old 02-04-2014, 07:50 PM   #11
Joey Dussel
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Re: CrossFit gym layout design

Originally Posted by Corey Coleman View Post
Thanks Joey, that really helps a lot. You make some very good points. I think we may have to revisit our rig plans... for the 15th time now. Measure twice, cut once I guess.
Cool glad I could help! If it's not too much trouble, can you send me a pict of what you plan to do / actually do? I like to see what other's are doing to get good ideas and inspiration.

On that note, one thing that helped me a ton planning the last gym was to go to Rogue's website of images of Rogue equipped gyms. There's so many unique and ingenious set ups on there. Check it out.

Head Coach at CrossFit R3 Bachelors of Science in Applied EXSS, CF-L1, CF Gymnastics, CF Oly. Participant in Tough Mudder and GORUCK Challenge.
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Corey Coleman
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Re: CrossFit gym layout design

Sure thing. I'll get some pictures/drawings tomorrow.
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Old 02-06-2014, 03:28 PM   #13
Mohammed Ibrahim
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Re: CrossFit gym layout design

Originally Posted by Steinar Ţór Ólafsson View Post
First of all congratulations on your new space Joey!

In regards to your questions on gym layout here is my personal oppinion. So here is the background story:

I starting coaching at my current gym in Luxembourg in the fall of 2012. Previously I lived in Iceland where we have 9 boxes so I had been at different places and knew what I liked and didn't like.

At the point I came to my current gym it had already been put up and I had to work with how the space had already been put up (and what equipment had been bought). Last fall after few very successful months we got to expand so now we have one room about 300 square meters and the new one about 270 square meters.

* Standing rig is a huge waste of space. We have to place the rig a little bit away from the wall so people can actually swing on the pull up bars without hitting the wall. Therefore the space between the pull up rig and the wall is hardly never used. People also don't do anything inside the pull up rig in regards to regular workouts.

* * For the new space we went with the same strategy as we had seen in Crossfit Reykjavik (Annie Thorisdottir gym) where the pull up bars kind of hang over the floor space making the room underneath the pull up bar being usable for almost everything else when we are not doing pull ups.

* * We bought portable squat racks from Again Faster and can stack them together in the corner when we need the floor space or move them around regarding what is on the agenda. While in our old room where the squat racks are part of the standing rig dong movements from shoulder to overhead are hard to do in 2 out of the 4 racks. We don't want to have the rig too much away from the wall to have less floor space and doing it inside the rig is impossible unless you are not so tall (unfortunately strength doesn't follow size so we pair our people up regarding strength but not size).

* Aim for having as much usable floor space as you possibly can. At our box at least we are doing "traditional Crossfit exercises" for 90% of the time. As rent is expensive and we don't have that big of a space the more space we have occupied by some untraditional equipment the less space I have for people in the gym.

* * Let's face it the only way to run a successfull Crossfit affiliate that will not get you out of business is working around the economies of scale or have the membership fee really expensive. But if you aren't Chris Spealler or a big name that really sells than you are going to have a hard time doing that.

* * Everybody want's to train at the same hours. Right before work, at lunch time and right after work. These are the peak hours at all gyms. We try to accommodate as many people at these times as we possibly can. It's better for your business to hire extra staff to keep the coachesarticipants ratio normal than renting bigger facility thats hardly used for the remaining 18 hours in the day but you still need to pay rent for. Which brings me to the next point:

** Why do you wan't to put turf on the floor? (here I think your are talking about the stuff I could call "fake grass") I have been in gyms as Butchers Garage in Copenhagen and gyms in Iceland where there are turfs on the floor. For majority of the time they aren't used for anything. If you are not sure that you will be using this turf on very regular basis I would skip it (keep it for later) and have regular flooring. For some occasional sledpushing you will survive with out it and it will be in your way when you need it for everything else (remind you again this is my personal oppinion).

Hopefully these pointers will help or gives you a broader perspective on things.

Best regards,
Thank you Steinar, I'm looking to put a box into my current Martial Arts Centre and Gym. This is very helpful info!

I have a 10m x 6.5 area that is currently filled with strength machines, which will be removed to make space for Crossfit Box, but before we do this, is this a big enough space? From what you say a wall mounted rig is better?

We have been looking at Rogue rigs quite keenly. Any advice would be awesome! Thanks.
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Last edited by Mohammed Ibrahim : 02-06-2014 at 03:41 PM. Reason: to add area for box in my gym
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Tommy Alfinito
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Re: CrossFit gym layout design

I used to use all wall mounts and now have switched to free standing rigs for the most part in the gym. It definitely depends on your space and how it is laid out.

When I got my wall mounts 6 feet wasn't an option. The biggest drawback on wall mounts is that you can't do a combination of handstand pushups, wallballs, toes to bar, pullups, ring dips (if they are hung inside), as they all require the same space in the 4 feet option. I don't know if the 6 feet option clears that up or not.
CrossFit Mount Laurel
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Old 02-08-2014, 05:00 AM   #15
Mohammed Ibrahim
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Re: CrossFit gym layout design

Hi guys
Not to hijack this thread, I hope you can help me with a new CF Box we are looking to create at my Martial Arts and Fitness Facility in Bristol, UK.

The space is 10m x 6.5m (33ft x 21ft) - giving 65sqm (700sq ft) to play with.

I have already posted and hope I can redirect any help to there. Thanks in advance
Martials Arts Centre and Gym owner -
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