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Health and Medical Issues For other than injuries

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Old 08-02-2012, 11:19 AM   #1
Jason K Adams
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Your Hormones and you.

Just a little "heads up" to all of the Male crossfitters out there. I have been very active and have been pretty diligent with exercising for the last few years. I have competed in triathlons and other endurance events. During this time I ate a pretty good diet an watched what I ate. Nothing mattered, I was always a "Big" guy and carried a lot of fat.

Last year I discovered crossfit and knew this is what was going to finally allow me to meet my goals.

I started participating in crossfit and eating a strict paleo diet. I did crossfit 3 times a week and ate paleo for roughly 6 months. The only thing that happened was I gained cardio ability. I never really got any stronger, my muscles never got bigger and I don't think I really felt any better.

I changed jobs and was unable to crossfit for a while. In the mean time I got my testosterone tested. My level was at 185. That is roughly the level of an 85 year old man.

Keep in mind the entire time there was no problem with my "equipment". That should not be used as an indicator of testosterone levels.

I found a doctor willing to prescribe injections. I take 100mg every 2 weeks. As far as dosages go I think that is pretty low. I haven't been tested to see what my current levels are after 3 months but I can tell you this. I feel like I have hijacked someone else's body. I think getting in the shape I wanted is now within my reach.

Before I was NEVER going to get there EVER. It was physiologically impossible.

If you are crossfitting and eating paleo and it just ain't working, go get tested.
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Frank E Morel
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Re: Your Hormones and you.

Did your md bother to look for the reason why your t is low?
Hypotonia dims? Hypo pituitaryism? Too many hours and miles on a bicycle seat that reduces blood therefore an ultrasound Clearance.
Tried a hcg challenge to see if your testes will produce t on their own?

Your dosing is a mod sized.

How often is your blood work done? Too high tee level places you at risk for increased blood volume = stroke. Increased estrogen levels = three fold risk for heart attack.
Dht levels that suddenly raise will result in hair loss, increased prostate growth.
increased t supplementation results in teste shrinkage or shutting off if over optimal level.
Alot of mds Just see the low t and replace it and not fully inform their patients that if you play with one hormone, the others react as well and usually no in favor to the first one. Some dabble in t replacement as a means to increase office revenue

Good luck
Creating heaven on earth: one deadlift session at a time.
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Jason K Adams
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Join Date: Jan 2010
Location: Baton Rouge  LA
Posts: 20
Re: Your Hormones and you.

Thanks for the reply and the answer is no. My MD didn't look at why my levels were low. I think it is hereditary if that's possible. I understand that one of the risk factors for heart disease is low Testosterone. Every male in my family older than me (all dead from heart disease by the way). Exhibited the outward signs of low Test to the best of my estimation.

I did rupture an adrenal gland a few months ago in a horse riding incident. Well to be honest I wasn't really riding I tried to get on and was thrown through the air...

Anyway I have only been on the injections for 2.5 months and feel like a different person. Blood tests prior to getting on HRT was Hemocrit, PSA, Testosterone Total,free and percentage free I think. After I was tested at my urologist and came in at a whopping 220 total and they said they wouldn't treat me, I found a doctor that would. I had to drive for two hours to find him.

I have found another physician that is an endo and I have an appointment with him. I think the care I get will be better and it's local to boot.

I just wanted to bring it up here because I have tried to get in better shape for roughly a decade and just looked like a fat guy that liked to exercise. Now my body is changing by the day.

In addition to getting stronger I am producing heat like a furnace. It's like my internal weight setpoint has been reset and my body is producing heat to burn off the calories. It's the strangest thing.
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