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Robert Boyd
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A personification of temptation. Identify your enemy.

I don’t know about you but I am plagued by food temptation. I’m not a fat *** but on a daily basis I have to struggle to abstain from eating things that are bad from me. Today it was Donuts. Yesterday a co-workers wife brought Dunking Donuts into work and I had one. It had been about a month since I last had eaten any type of desert and I felt justified when I savored the fried doughy goodness. I knew donuts suck but I logged the calories and made the choice with no regrets.

Today I got out of work early and I thought I would do something nice for my wife. She is like me except that she doesn’t crave sweets like I do. Still though I thought I would bring some donuts to her and her buddies at work. That is when it hit me. I could eat one of their donuts. I was on I185 at exit 2 when I reached this epiphany. Dunkin is on exit 6 and I had 4 exits to fight the inner fat kid. That inner fat kid wanted a coffee twist donut and I told him no but he persisted. The faceless nameless voice whined and *****ed slowly chipping away at me. I resisted and then I realized that part of my problem was that the voice was in deed nameless and faceless. I am a soldier and have spent over 2 years of my life fighting terrorists in Iraq. The hardest part of that fight was finding the ****ers. They were, for the most part, invisible.

It then occurred to me that my enemy needed a name and a face. At the house my wife and I were in the middle of Steven King’s IT. Pennywise is a perfect face for my inner fat kid. Also, weirdly, I am reading “The Screwtape Letters” Screwtape the demon tempter is a perfect moniker for my enemy. Now he had a face and a name. I had someone to say no to. I had someone to fight and the fight was over. With my enemy identified I struck and, for spite, I got a dozen donuts then an additional of my favorite type in a bag all its own. I put the bag on the passenger seat of my jeep and there is stayed.

With the 13 donuts safely delivered and my enemy defeated I reveled in my success. I celebrated not for today’s victory but for the future triumphs that would surely follow. I’m sure smarter people have used personification to identify their inner tempter but its new to me and I thought I would share. Identify your enemy give him a name, a face, then hand him his ***. Good Hunting Brothers and Sisters.
The essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic, and a killer. It has never yet melted. — D.H. Lawrence
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