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Old 08-05-2011, 10:34 AM   #1
Pär Larsson
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Made a Jungle-gym Challenge for CF SoCal. Anything I missed?

Saturday Aug 13th Crossfit SoCal Jungle-gym Challenge

WARNING: For experienced CrossFit athletes only. Others can come and play, too - but be careful until you hit the Tabata stuff, then you can go crazy.


0900-0905 400m run warmup/set up gear.
0905-0915 Make up teams. Go through each challenge and give hints.
0915-0935 GO GO GO!
0935ish Extra credit one shot only challenges (3).
0945ish Triple Threat Tabata challenge.

On big whiteboard: Matrix of challenges & people's names. Checkmark as you go.
  • Rogue Rack Up and Over and Down Climb - mandatory spotter/teammate/idea person. Mat underneath.
  • One Hand Clean & Jerk - 33# bar, 45# bar, 65# bar (Women L1, set up with thin bar), 85# (Women Rx, Men L1), 115# bar (Men Rx). Control your weight! Must complete a weight in both left and right hands to move on to the next. Don't let your weight bounce off the platform.
  • Jump Box - jump completely over 12" box, 20" box (L1 Women), 24" box (Rx Women, L1 Men), 30" box (Rx Men) in line and without stopping. Safety, gradual progression demonstration first. Landing mat after 24" and 30" box. Hot start.
  • Hand over hand around the Rogue pullup station by the rowers, without feet touching the floor. Approx. measurements 15'x5'x15'x5' but going up pretty high in spots.
  • Commando Rope Up and Over and Up. Tie a big square knot in green rope-climbing ropes to 8" height to make them hang almost horizontal in middle, leave rings, hang from rope with feet off the ground, get over to the other side, without dropping from rope touch the ceiling and back down safely and in control at all times. No demonstration, you're all big boys and girls and experienced athletes. Figure it out. Demonstrate how to fall safely from a hanging rope. Mat underneath.
  • Big Tire In-n-Out Burger - jump in, jump out with stopping. Gradual progression demonstration. Cold start.
  • Triple Big Tire In & Out Head First. Tire on top of tire on tire right by Pullup Rack in the back. Up and over the pullup bar (use feet), head first into tires, touch head to bottom, get back out without the aid of your teammate and without turning around inside.
  • Killer Kage Monkey Bars - L1: hand over hand, Rx: Monkey Bunny Hop: swing, both hands have to be on same bar at the same time. Safety brief land with bar in fingers, not bar in palm. Why? I've got this nice article for you to read... No demonstration. You're up, Seth/Tony/Mike/Jay, go!
  • Double Rope Climb - one white rope-climbing rope in each hand. Touch the ceiling, hold on like all hell and climb down safely. Safety brief. Mats in landing zone. Very few people will make it to the top.
  • Parkour jumps. From balance beam to balance beam jump with both feet at the same time, balance fully and in control on each beam without putting feet down on the floor. The floor is lava.
  • You have 20 minutes to complete all challenges on all stations. Play nice. Communication is key, both with your teammate and other teams. Clock is ticking.
  • Tarzan swing from spot on the wall to the kids' room, goal is to touch the wall on the other side. No touch no feet no floor. The floor is lava. One single try each, everyone standing around watching. No pressure.
  • Bunny Hop Rope Climb. Touch forehead to the tape on top of green rope-climbing rope without going hand over hand, i.e. do a pullup on the rope, release both hands and grab the rope higher up. L1: Use feet and spotter. Rx: Use spotter but no feet.
  • Muscle-Up from knees. Jump up from knees to grab rings and muscle up without putting your feet down.
  • 2 minutes to set up & warm up for rowing/running.
  • Tabata row for calories. Fill up rowers, then rest go to run first. Post calories to board. Calories: 30/55/70 is L1 Women, Rx Women (L1 Men), Rx Men.
  • 2 minutes rest.
  • Tabata 10m shuttle-run for distance. Stop and go back to where you were when the 20 seconds were up. If you want to cheat that's on you - you're just betraying yourself and your friends. Post distance to board. L1/Rx TBD.
  • 2 minutes rest.
  • Tabata jumping rope for reps - number of times the rope passes under your feet. Double Unders or Singles doesn't matter. Post reps to board. L1/Rx TBD.

Female/Male winners are those who have completed the most challenges. Winners get respect and bragging rights.

More details at SFW
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Old 08-05-2011, 12:34 PM   #2
Robert Pallares
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Re: Made a Jungle-gym Challenge for CF SoCal. Anything I missed?

in regards to the box jump - is a hot start a running start?

This thing looks awesome, wish I was in town to experience it.
- Rob
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Old 08-07-2011, 07:00 PM   #3
Pär Larsson
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Join Date: Apr 2010
Location: San Diego  CA
Posts: 178
Re: Made a Jungle-gym Challenge for CF SoCal. Anything I missed?

Hot start is a running start. Cold start is static.

If you're in Long Beach, hop on down for a day.
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