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Steve Kaspar
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seen a great special a few years back on the kenyan distance runners. as a former runner i was very interested in this special, already knowing their results and how tough these guys are.
on their hard days, they ran hard. very hard. what i was really amazed at, was that on their ez days, they went ez. super ez, almost looking like they were walking.they still covered the distance the workout called for. i think it was a 12 mile ez run. but the idea behind this training was NO moderate days. you cant improve on a moderate training. its very hard then a few very ez days. then very blew my mind watching them , with all their energy they saved doing ez distance instead of moderate paced runs, how fast they went on hard days was awsome... it was over a 12 mile run up and down the valleys on grass/weeds and trails at sub 5 minute pace. lesson. train very hard on hard days and very ez on ez days.
not too many have beaten the kenyans either.
i always knew that ez days are meant to be ez, so in my bike racing, i try to train alone on these days. i see so much improvement. the energy is there for the hard days. stress plus rest = success.
steve kaspar
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