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This is from the 'Pavel" newsletter for those who don't get it, is some good advice for people who tend to over train like myself:

Back Off for Greater Gains

In the late 1980s by V. Plekhov introduced Russian lifters to a simple cycling procedure: build up for three weeks and back off for a week.

Two decades later Metal Militia made the template even more foolproof for those with the tendency to overtrain: train hard for three weeks and take a week off.

Russian bodybuilders, like lifters, understand the need to back off. Popular in the old country unloading formats for bodybuilders include:

* A 7-10 day lay-off after 4-5 weeks of intense training
* 7-10 days of the same sets/reps with 50% weights after 4-5 weeks of intense training (coach Sergey Muchenko)
* Alternating weeks of high and low intensity

This might not be for everyone, but gives people starting out a few ideas of how to cycle the intesisty for maximal gains. I'm still trying to figure out whats best for myself. Hope it helps others.}
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