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International Medieval Combat Federation

Since our little sport keeps popping up on CrossFit media, I thought I'd post some information so it isn't such a mystery. In essence we're reviving old medieval tournament fighting with blunted steel weapons and armor. There's no choreography or role playing. It's basically MMA with swords and armor.

At the recent world championship in Spain we had teams from as far away as New Zealand come to fight in duels, 5v5 group fights, and big 16v16 melees.

Before all this started a few years ago some of us were already doing CrossFit. It's a natural fit, since during any match we're sprinting, boxing, chopping, and grappling in 50+ pounds of armor in helmets limit vision and breathing. CrossFit is becoming increasingly popular within the US team, and our San Francisco group trains at NorCal.

Here is a video of coverage of Day 4 of the world championship by Spanish national television, queued up to the finals of the 16v16 melee between the US and Poland:

Here's a fan-made video that is a good summary of the whole event:

And this is the original article I wrote for the Journal last year, prior to the world championship in France:

So, there you have it. It's a small but growing sport and we're all really excited about it.
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