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Re: testosterone boosters?

Originally Posted by Rob Samuels View Post
There are risks involved in playing with mother nature however I think the risks have been made out to be more than they are. There is a difference between drug use and drug abuse. If you are under the care of a KNOWLEDGABLE doctor steroids and other PE's can be used and managed safely with very minimal risk to your health. I would say no risk but very few things have no risk.

Its all in how its done. most of the stories you have heard of really bad things happening are from dudes who have body dismorphic disorder to begin with and then self administer multiple hormons with little education on how to use them. They use massive quanities and are under the care of, themselves.

They are nothing more than drug addics and as such you can expect health problems and even death from their use.

In my line of work I have met people that have injected heroin for over 20 years and looking at them you would never know. Why? They managed the drug properly. Most are not able to do that.
I couldn't agree with you more. Steroids are not ILLEGAL. They are a controlled substance. Just like Tylenol 3. I'm not saying that it's ok for everyone to do it, I'm just saying that it's not as bad as the main stream media makes it out to be. Just like stated above, done in moderation and smartly, they are no worse for you than drinking soda pop or whatever. It's when you start stacking numerous items (d-bol, deca, androne, etc.) that you fry your system and jack you up. Possibly for life.
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