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Re: training for 5k

You should be fine if you just work some conditioning into the ends of your workouts, or a few days a week. As a frame of reference, I'm 49, have been doing nothing but 5/3/1 for the last 5 months, with either loaded carries, sprints or 400's after workouts as my only conditioning, as well as walking my dog every day, and I ran 2 miles on a whim yesterday to see if I could, and held at sub-10 minute pace without much difficulty.

The only reason I stopped at 2 miles is because that's how far it was from the movie theater where I saw the new X-men movie, to the Kohl's where my wife was shopping while waiting for me. I could have kept going with no change in effort. The only down side was, it ended up being a $300 movie once you factor the shopping trip in, but I did get a new pair of Nikes out of the deal...
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