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Re: Garage gymers, how have you trained with an infant/toddler?

When my oldest was little (almost 22 now) i would train at a globo... i had him in the pushchair and went for a walk with him unitl he fell asleep. I was an at home dad with him for 18 months (which is something you can do in Sweden)

Then i went into the gym and did my stuff until he either woke up and i needed to stop or he fell back asleep and i continued.

But you can easily train together.... you just need to think differently...

Think of WODs that both of you can do and when one of you is resting the other occupies the little one or one of you hits a WOD and and then other hits the same thing.... there is no rocket science in it.

Its called trial and error and being creative.
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.

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