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Re: Garage gymers, how have you trained with an infant/toddler?

There are many possible solutions to this question, and you'll have to find what works for you.

I have twins that are 15 months old, as well as two boys, ages 6 and 9. I have a garage gym.

When the babies were really small (3 months or younger), there were a few times they sat in their car seats and watched us work out. (Workout intensity for my wife was pretty low then, during the recovery from delivery.)

There were a few months in there where I was not working out. At all. Not once for several months. Some CrossFitters would spontaneously combust if they had to take even a couple weeks off, but this is an option that you might consider. In the back of mind I recognized that as the twins got older, their need for attention would change and free up a little time to workout.

Once they were crawling they could entertain themselves for short periods of time. I have an advantage over you here. Two babies may hold each other's attention better than one. I also have the older boys to play with them or keep an eye on them. The house is baby-proofed, so they're not going to get into too much trouble. And we've got an area that's like a playroom where they can stay occupied with toys. It's not actually in the garage gym, but we can hear them if they shout for us or cry.

I think a playpen nearby is a good idea, but consider a few things. Is your son the type that is more likely to fuss if he can see you? If the playpen is out of sight, you should still be able to hear him, but that means he can hear dropping barbells or other loud noises. Will this scare him? Maybe the best solution would be a playpen area with a monitor, so you can hear him while in the gym, but he'll be further away from anything too loud. Your choices will depend on his personality, or maybe you'll figure out the best set up based on trial and error.

The best time to fit in a workout will be after your son has had a nap and been fed. If he's not tired or hungry he's more likely to enjoy playing for a while.

All that being said, there will be times that you are interrupted from your workout. This can be frustrating when you're trying to do a timed metcon. Just roll with it. It's a good life.
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