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Re: Tennis Elbow

I seem to be very injury prone.... but I play tennis and have not developed tennis elbow ever. I'm somewhat relieved!

But my left arm (non-dominant) is very susceptible for Golfer's elbow. I have been getting stronger at wrist extension (very weak at it) but I doubt it's making me any less susceptible. I do notice my left wrist is quite a bit weaker than the right, in pretty much every direction (flexion, extension, pronation,supination, radial deviation and ulnar deviation).

I was reading lately that new theories might indicate that these "elbows" (golfers, tennis) might actually be due to UNDERuse than overuse. Sure, overusing it causes it, but because it's being underused, these people say. Which brought me back to around 2008 or so... I became a grip fanatic back then and was actively training grip/forearms quite a bit, including sledgehammer rotations and many other things. I think my elbows were healthier then. Coincidence? I attempted a few things grip-wise the otherday and I am considerably weaker than I used to be, at least with my left arm (the onegetting golfer''s elbow), so it's making me think if I should train it more instead of trying to rest it as much as possible. Perhaps the problem is just that: it's at rest too much, so when I put some stress on it it gets hurt? lol...
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