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Re: Tennis Elbow

I have Tennis Elbow in one arm and Golfer's Elbow in the other (basically the inside of one elbow and the outside of the other). I have found that icing after a grip intensive workout (pullups, deadlifts, heavy farmer carries, etc) helps some but the only thing that has actually gotten rid of this for any meaningful length of time was a doctor using the Graston Technique.

Basically, he lubes up your elbow/arm and uses a stainless steel tool to rub the trigger points (they call it Scraping) and massage these same areas. How he explained it to me was that this breaks up all the scar tissue that has built up and becomes "sticky".

I was at the point where I couldn't pick anything up with an outstretched arm because of the pain in my elbow. Handshakes would also send a shooting pain right through it. After one treatment I felt a significant change and after my second visit it had all but disappeared.

See if there's a sports therapist near you who can do this. He will be your new best friend!

P.S. I see you're in Bear, DE. The guy I visit isn't an unreasonably long distance from you. You can check their practice out at (WFS)

P.S.S I also didn't notice this post was a year old, haha!

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