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Re: CF Games 2011 General Thread

Originally Posted by Eric Montgomery View Post
My prediction is things will be fine for the events in and around the HDC. At the beach is a different story...for one thing, they've had all week to set up at the HDC. They didn't spend all week setting up at the beach because they didn't want to tip their hand on the ocean swim. And hopefully the streaming stuff coming from the HDC will be better prepared for all the people trying to watch it.

The post-production stuff that gets streamed on ESPN3 will probably have all the graphics and commentating, even for the beach workout.
i was kinda scared that because the where workong with ESPN that they where not going to bother much with there own stream. beause there are no commentators for the masters or the teams... i hope ist not the case.

and i say commentators but the in between interviews and such where nice as well. made it all look like a very professional sports broadcasting.

ps pardon my english its not my native language (and i am dyslexic )
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