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Re: Pendlay CF Econ Bar - initial impressions and some questions

I have owned a pendlay crossfit bar for several months now. Here are my impressions:
1. The knurling is awesome! Grip is never an issue now with deadlifts, cleans, etc.
2. I definitely noticed the "whip" of the bar compared to a cheapo bar


1. The bar was not straight. As soon as I got the bar, I put it on the ground, and when it rolled it was obviously crooked. Now, it is only slightly bent but this was very dissapointing, and when I e-mailed Glen Pendlay about it I never got a response. The bend can be an issue for back squats as the bar will want to roll to the low spot

Overall, the bar is good and I haven't heard anyone else speak of theirs being bent, so I think you may be safe. But I was pretty dissapointed about mine.
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