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Re: Fear, Doubt, Ego...

I'd like to say thanks for this post. (And I guess I'll introduce myself as this is my first post.)

My husband, William, and I have just opened our affiliate, CrossFit Georgetown, in October. We are currently in our garage with hopes of moving ASAP. We are also training 3 family members at no charge, with paying clients in the wings, ready to start in the next week or so. We are so excited but we also feel the fears and angst that come with starting our own business. We love CrossFit and we care so much about this venture that it naturally comes with high-emotions, good and bad.

So, thanks for sharing your doubts. You are not alone and it's so nice to see that we're not alone as well. William and I are on these message boards daily trying to learn and soak in everything so that we can be a success.


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