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Re: Fear, Doubt, Ego...

Tish and Jeff,

I would guess that a lot of existing affiliates were right where you are. I am getting ready to saddle up the self doubt pony again as I am getting ready to move to the gym as a full time, family supporting gig. It seemed that every time that we moved (2 times in a year and a half, will be 3 come end of Feb.) that attendance dropped off, almost like as soon as we made a commitment to do right by our clients, they dropped us. Well, that was mostly my lack of self confidence (funny as that may seem to some that know me here). Almost without fail, within one month of moving into the new place we filled it and were ready to move again.

I haven't worked nearly as hard as Andy seemed to have (or at least says he has, although I have no reason to doubt him, he is a great guy). We have, until 3 months ago, only been open for 2 hours a day, 6 am and 6 pm. We have gone from 3 clients in my garage to a steady 65 clients that I can count on, with another 15 or so seasonal clients.

The bottom line is that in order to succeed, you have to take some risks. They may be calculated ones, but they are risks all the same. I have never hidden who I am or what I stand for (I am an A hole and I stand for finding the very best that people can give me), and I think that that has given my clientele confidence in me. At the Affiliate gathering last year, several people, including Andy got up and spoke to us. There were so many disparate business models that it would have closed down a business school trying to analyze it. What I took from it was that if you put effort into being a great trainer, the program will grow itself, and if you invest in your clients, they will invest in you.
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