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Re: Using Ning for a Crossfit site?

Could be great for interaction, as every member gets their own page, can set up sub-groups (perhaps for training sessions), and it's easy to add photos and video.
I'm just brainstorming for the best option for my site when I make a start so any opinions are welcome.

First of all - Congratulations on becoming an affiliate and going after a dream. I admire your willingness to go after it and try to create something that wouldn't exist and wouldn't help people if you had not been put on the earth.

Personally, as a husband, a father of 2, a 40+ hr/wk employee, a volunteer, a crossfitter and a hobbyist (music/blog/etc...) the last thing that I want to do is have to set up a page that I will have to manage (i.e. another timesuck). But that's just me.

I think the important questions for you are:
1) what kinds of things do you want your target audience/members to say about you?
2) What is the primary purpose of your web presence?
3) Do YOU want to have to administrate/manage/educate all of your users on how to properly set up their pages/groups/etc ...?

If ning is your only web presence then your 'front face' to (potential) clients would be in the hands of non-professional web designers. This could be a bad thing if it doesn't match 'who you are'. On the other hand, If that is who you are and what you want to brand, then I say go for it.

My opinion is that the biggest mistake made when setting up a presence on the web is going after the latest and greatest and neatest thing that some other people are starting to use without asking yourself the hard questions (i.e. 'What do I want my lasting impression to be to a person that ONLY visits my site?').

Anyways - just my $.02.

Good Job on Affiliation and best of luck to ya!
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