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Pierre Auge
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I love infomercials!

I mean I very much enjoyed that book!

On this note a Question (sort of): I had been sleeping very well for a couple of months after reading the book but for the last two months I haven't been able to sleep much at all. Has also slightly affected my performance. And thats while maintaining most of the same practices.

I'm thinking stress due to my release from the Army at the end of next week. And starting a business, and a degree in the fall, and moving into a crappy bachelor apartment out of this nice 3 bedroom house, having to sell my car and not having a clue how any of it is going to work.

NAAAHHHHHH!!! I'm sure none of those things have anything to do with it! Either way I'm a gluton for self imposed punishment. !!!YAY BURPEES!!!

I guess the question is anybody have any suggestions? (Other than sort my life out, I'm aware of that one! LOL I make myself laugh!)
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