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Greetings All! This weekend my friend and I built a jump box off of the instructions on a post we found in the discussion boards. The biggest problem we found was that the description was vague (no offense!!!) Regardless, I wanted to post our findings so that others can save some dough.

Materials needed:
4'x8' board of 3/4'' plywood
4'x4' board of 3/4'' plywood
40 screws
wood glue
Hand Sander

Hardware needed:
Table saw
jig saw
power drill
measuring tape

This will yield 2 24 & 3/4 inch jump boxes. Adjustments to 20 inches discussed below.

1. Take a 4'x8' board of 3/4'' plywood
2. Every 24 inches draw a vertical line across the board (having the 8' portion facing you). The end result should be 4 vertical peices.
3. Draw a horizontal line in the middle of the board (at the 2 foot mark) you will now have 8 drawn sections.
4. From the middle line and within each of the sections go 3'' in from the line towards the center on both sides of the section. Draw a line from each of the 3'' mark down to the opposite corner.
NOTE: For all of the lines we used a 4 foot level.
5. With all of the lines drawn. Make your cuts on a table saw. I suggest that you cut the center verticle line first because it makes it easier to handle the later cuts.

6. Cut the top (the smaller end) of the side boards and cut outward at 10 degrees. The side you want facing out should be up and the blade turned at 10 degrees.

7. Cut the bottom (the larger end) of the side boards and cut inward at 10 degrees. The side you want facing out should be down and the blade turned at 10 degrees.

8. For the tops, take the 4x4 board and draw two 18''x19.5'' squares.
9. Cut the squares

10. With all of your pieces cut, you can begin assembly.

Note: We elected to have two opposite ends on the outside of the box and the other two sides on the inboard. It seemed more structurally sound. (I'm no engineer though)

11. Glue the ends and screw together. We used 8 screws for each side and 4 screws on the top.

I know there are probably gaps in my description but the diagrams should answer any questions. If you have any other questions, let me know!!

Happy jumping!

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