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I have a set of rings that I had a welder make for me that I have mounted, but I also have a home-made "traveling" set that I made from nothing more that rope and THICK hose.
It is very easy and cheap. To make this set, I took a 20' 1/2" nylon rope, and cut three 16" pieces of thick hose. I then pushed the rope through each piece of hose. One section is placed in the middle with a simple knot tied on each end to keep it from moving (this prevents wear and tear on the rope from whatever you use it on), and the other two pieces near the ends. I then tied off each end forming a large C with the hose.
To use, I find a swing set, tree branch, etc. throw it over and I have a set of rings.
They are actually really good compared to my permanent rings. They are light-weight, easy to transport, and can be placed anywhere.
I got the hose from a contractor who was throwing it away. I wouldn't use the garden hose type for this. Get contractor quality hose, and make sure it is really thick/strong.
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