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Re: Has anyone else had this or can you advise?

Originally Posted by Mark J Harris View Post
thank you for your comments about speaking to my Neurosurgeon. It's funny but I haven't spoken to the guy who did the operation since my stay in hospital and he referred me to another nearer Neuro Surgeon who I had one five minute appointment with who said that all seems to be OK, go away and enjoy your life!! I am seeing my GP tomorrow so will ask his advice to see if he could refer me. I think I am just frustrated being unable to do anything. I have still got double vision from the Op which they said may correct itself which it hasn't so I cant cycle or drive etc. I will keep you posted,
I understand. Patience, my friend. Recovery and rehabilitation involves crawling, walking...then running. Get medically cleared to train and then you will be on your way. Many GPs offer GXT (Graded exercise tests) to determine your current exercise capacity. Although, you may have to consult with your GP to determine if you are physically ready for such a test. Play it safe, continue a running dialogue with your medical professionals, your coaches and support system. Best of luck to you!
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