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Has anyone else had this or can you advise?

Hi all,
I have just posted a thread in the beginners thread but wanted to ask a direct question here to see if there any Doctors or medical people who have come across this before or if anyone who does CF has gone through this.

I am 52yrs old, 5'9" and 230lbs. I start my CF next week (Tue 22 Jan 13) but before I do I wanted some feedback/reassurance that I am doing the right thing!!!

In February 2012, I suffered a sub-arachnoid haemorrage which required surgery. It has been clipped and I am assured that this stays on for life. I want to return to training to lose weight/tone up etc but am slightly nervous about lifting heavy weights and generally 'working out' with any intensity. I have done light cardio (Cross Trainer and exercise bike) since the incident but cant really run due to having bad knees (due to running in army boots carrying heavy weight when in the Forces).

Yes, I know, if I was a horse they would have got rid of me by now but I'm not and want a challenge and want to get back to fitness and good health, well as good as I possibly can be. I want to do my best but while I am competitive I am not stupid. I realise that I will not be able to keep up with the 'young bucks' and would be sensible enough to end a set if I was feeling the strain but have read on here about 'exercise-induced headaches' and that would frighten the life out of me!!!

I would appreciate any advice or own experiences anyone could give me and am willing to answer any questions anyone may think relevant.

Thanks for your help anyway,
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