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Re: Snatch Balance

Originally Posted by Tamara Cohen View Post
She walks so far out from the racks so that she can safely bail. Note her last two failed reps. That's why.

She does use a narrow grip, but she's also a tiny person, so her normal snatch grip isn't nearly as wide as mine is. And, she's flexible enough to get away with the narrow grip. One advantage to being more narrow is that it places less stress on your wrists.

I looked at another one of her videos and she does not snatch that narrow. So why do snatch balances that narrow? They looked more like squat jerks. (wfs)

Originally Posted by Dave Traeger View Post
1) Why does she come so far out from the racks with it? Wouldn't she spend less of her energy doing it closer and perhaps then be able to lift more?
Walking out with the weight of a snatch balance really doesn't expend much energy at all...
Maybe with 90-100% of your max back squat I can understand it feeling heavy just walking, but anything lighter than that, no way.

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