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Re: Lost on what to do?

Hi Amanda! Welcome to Crossfit!
Thanks for posting on my log yesterday. How fabulous that you want to be in the Army! I'll echo what Beth said and tell you that Crossfit's WODs and the Zone Diet are great ways to boost your metabolism and therefor lose weight quickly. Make sure you read through the FAQ on the main page and look over to the right for "Additional Resources for Beginners." The BrandX Scaled WODs are a great place to start.
Some may not agree but personally I need a little more cardio than most of the 20-30 min WODs call for. If I have the time (and energy!), I'll add about 20-30 min of steady-state cardio to my daily workout. Spinnng is also a great way to drop lbs.
Good luck to you! If I can help in any other way then please let me know.
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