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Re: Woody's Quest for CrossFit Excellence.

1/29/08 - BW 152
CF Warm-up x3
7x1 Dumbell Shoulder Press, Left Arm
7x1 Dumbell Shoulder Press, Right Arm

Then 50 Burpees for time
Burpees included an "honest push-up" and a jump to touch an 8 foot target.

Lats are pretty sore from Angie. Over wise, recovery is good. Started strict Paleo diet 1/27/08 from a 16-17 block Zone diet with 2x fat blocks. Intaking about 20 blocks of protein, 20 blocks of fat and 11 blocks of fruit and veggies. Have eliminated dairy completely. Feel better already, less stomach upset. Need to up water intake, though. Got 1.5 liters today, really could use 3-4.

I was a little disappointed with my numbers on the press. I can press my 55lb kettlebell once with each arm, so not being able to press a dumbell weighing less is a little strange. Sticking point on the press was just above head level.

Burpees went well, and I think I can do sub 4 next time.
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