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The 3 Headed Monster

In CrossFit, Bergeron indicates that there are generally 3 core aspects if you want to be successful. These are strength, skill and conditioning.

Looking at his Competitors Training program they generally utilise all 3 aspects to produce well rounded individuals and some seriously good competitors!

Listening to the "Beyond the barbell" podcast they indicated that if you have some serious holes in your game and want better results, then you should focus specifically on them and go easy on the other elements for a while. For example if you can't lift certain weights / do reps in strict movements that are likely to appear in competitions you compete in.

Looking around the boxes I've been to, the best competitors are usually from a background where they are either already very strong, very well conditioned or a bodyweight ninja. They then focus on bringing the other elements up to speed and appear to progress a lot faster than your average joe. This could just be the fact that they are generally better athletes already.

From my perspective, I'm an average athlete with average strength / skill and conditioning. I follow and have followed programs that are similar to Competitors Training where they try and feed all 3 heads of the monster. I have also gone on a pure Oly Lifting / strength cycle for a while.

I was just wondering what your thoughts were on whether "better" results would be gained by going on a more specific program e.g. Strength rather than an all round program.

Better ultimately meaning being a better CrossFit athlete as a whole.

For me the mos important thing is to enjoy training and I find a mixed approach more interesting. It's what got me into CrossFit in the first place. However, if they are more effective ways to get results, I will always be eager to listen to them.
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