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Re: Crossfit in Windsor Ontario, Canada?

No affiliates in Windsor (The closest thing is PUNCH Kettlebell in St. Clair Beach, and that's a HUGE stretch), and the economy down there is currently non-conductive to fitness studios, even one specializing in something as potent and effective as Crossfit. The big boxes are struggling (relatively speaking), and the established ones are simply riding out contracts. The smaller PT studios are squeaking out an existence feeding on the few folks left in the city with good, stable incomes, but its tough.

I grew up there, and still have family and friends in the area. Unemployment estimates are at 20% unofficially, if you count the people who went from making $30/hour in the plants to making minimum wage at Tim Hortons, which- in that situation- might as well be unemployment.

If you and some friends have some extra cash, you'd likely be able to find a warehouse box for next to nothing to play in, if you know where to look). But actually making it work profitably down there is likely impossible right now.

And we're not even talking about getting a small business start-up loan from a bank.

Windsor's an economic wasteland; I don't know any banks giving out cash for businesses down there unless you have a solid entrepreneurial background and the capital or assets for collateral.

Plus, they haven't cut the lawns or picked up the trash in 100+ days.
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