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theory on cardio endurance & muscular endurance

Here is a little idea i had running through my head. CrossFit and CrossFit Endurance (CFE) work to produce good runners by having them only do short sprints and very few long runs. this works the fast twitch fibers and builds strength. When lower intensity runs are done for a longer time, although not practiced often, the athletes improve in them. The reasons why this workouts and why not to over do LSD training is covered in the Journel and CFE site.

I ran across a simular theory about improving your chin ups. I guess CF would agree with this. The theory is that instead of trying to do more and more reps, try to do weighted chin ups and just get stronger in the 5 rep range. If you can get really strong at 5 reps, 20 reps with no weight will feel like a breeze. Same thing with running. Strengthening with sprints will make light jogging feel easy.

I heard this theory about improving Chin ups from Pavel. Might be in one of his books. i got several of them. But i take it would also work with other body weight/muscular endurance type training. Its common knowledge that just doing hundreds of push ups a day wont increase your max bench press. but doing max bench press, with infrequent usuage of say Tabata push ups, will increase your max push ups. Simular to CFE improving long distance with just interval training.

I guess i knew this but i just had an ephiphany about it. i did a contest this weekend and got 22 deadhang chin ups. video (wfs) I was thinking that trying to do more and more chin ups might just be tapping into endurance fibers and i would be better off doing weighted or some kind of explosive movement. I guess i could GTG with weighted chins or make it part of a CFSB once a week. See if i can get my 50 pound chin ups up to about 10. Then that should add 5 or more reps to my 22 chins.

thoughts? Comments? Recipes for Quiche?
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