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I'm just getting back to CF after a layoff of a year and a half. Right now I'm working to establish consistency in my workouts. Once I'm going to the gym consistently for 3 weeks running, I'll begin ramping up the intensity toward the WOD as prescribed.

Today I started at a new gym: Medina's in Hayward, California. It's a good place, specializing in powerlifting, olympic lifting, and free-weight training in general.

I modified today's WOD downward significantly from the Rx, keeping my intensity low for now.

2 rounds for time
50 squats (1st round) or 25 squats (2nd round)
(3 pullups + 3 dips, both assisted) x 3
95 lb hang power clean x 5

Total time: 14:02

Assistance on pullups was doing them seated on the floor beneath a power rack, pulling up to an olympic bar. Assistance on dips was bench dips.

Looking forward to push presses tomorrow. The form video in the exercise archive was very helpful.
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