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A few years ago I stumbled on the concept of GPP. This is the very first GPP program I ever used:

30 burpees
30 tire jumps
200' backward sled drag 85lbs
200' forward sled drag 85lbs
10 sandbag throws 25lbs
400' sandbag walk 60lbs
60 sledgehammer VS tire strikes

I think my first attempt was around 30 minutes. I did this routine once a week in addition to my PL routine and eventually brought my time down to 16:28 on June 23, 2004. I haven't done it since (although I've done variations using the same equipment).

Anyway, in addition to not doing this routine in 1.5 years, I haven't done outdoor GPP since last fall due to the weather. Well, a buddy of mine started asking when we'd be back in the parking lot dragging the sled, so what the hell ... why not this weekend?

Who cares if it was -30C with 50kmh winds ....

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