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Re: College student on Paleo/Zone

Sounds good although you probably will get sick of those foods after awhile. Some "money" foods for me

70/30 Ground beef from Tha Super Wal-Mart

Not only is this cheaper than leaner cuts(5 lbs for $5.50 on sale, I think it's about $1.70 a lb regular) You get bonus fat calories.

4 oz serving

370 total calories, 19 g protien, Vs. 90/10 has 200 calories 21 g protein.

Apples are cheap, I get them in from Wal-Mart for way cheaper than the grocery store.

Bananas are cheap. Great post workout and pre-sporting events for me. Good for breakfast carbs. Some worry about the sugar, doesn't affect me and I'm not trying to lose weight.


1 Jumbo egg
8 g protein
6g fat

12 Jumbo eggs, $1.65 at the Super Wal-mart. Jumbo turned out to be cheapest on protein cost basis at my store, YMMV, but eggs are cheap regardless of what kind you choose to get. 4 eggs for breakfast and protein and fat taken care of for ~$0.55.

Chicken thighs are also higher in fat and calories, similar in protein and cheaper than breasts. I like the taste better also. One thing about cooking I have found is that you must add spices to things or they will become bland and you will hate it. Bland meat and veggies makes me crave a cheat meal, Eating greek salad perfectly seasoned alongside delicious marinated grilled chicken makes me think I'm having a cheat meal.

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