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Re: College student on Paleo/Zone

hey man,

i'm a sophomore at boston college and generally to keep it simple i run a 40p/20c/40f split eating mostly grilled chicken, salads, olive oil, and oats/brown rice. effective and cheap. george foreman grill works like a charm. our dining hall always has a grilling station and i'm on the meal plan so i don't use it too much but if they didn't i would be using it non stop. if chicken gets pricy (shouldn't, buy it in bulk if ya need), canned chicken works. My diet is technically not paleo OR zone but instead blends elements of each (the element of keeping your diet in proportion from zone, even though its not a typical zone proportion, and the paleo element being that... well it's paleo-friendly except for the oats/brown rice which are both very low GI, so i don't worry about it too much). With these proportions i've seen pretty solid strength gains as well as a trimmed body fat and i haven't lost any mass as far as i can tell. i never really sluggish due to the lower carbs. i would recommend it as a nice plan for someone on a budget.
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