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Re: College student on Paleo/Zone

Next time dont go partying every your money.
Eating healthy ?? Why not just go to costco and buy a tub of this
wfs 89 bucks for 273 servings.. sound cheaper yet.
maybe Surplus Mre from ebay... at least you will get variety out your meal plan.

Honestly... try shopping at sam's club target that has a grocery corner or a good mexican market for your food. Ethnic markets tend to considerable cheaper. A mexician market will have cheaper proteins, and fresher veggies. If you need to cut a corner or two.. sams for your frozen veggies. You have other options just look harder.

but for the meal plan that your thinking about?? You might as well, lock the door on your apartment, tinfoil the windows, keep the lights off 23/7. Cause its going to feel like being in the hold at Alcatraz. It will get old real quick, and maybe you end up never eat chicken or an apple again.
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