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College student on Paleo/Zone

Ok so last night I had and idea. I am running low on money and I need to get groceries soon and I don't have very much money. So I decided that I will try a little experiment for the next few weeks to show that you can eat healthy while in College. I will eat only Apples, Frozen Chicken Breast, Almonds, and maybe Peas.
Heres why. Apples cost only $2 per pound and I can get about 4 servings per pound. With chicken I can get 9 breasts for $10 and I only eat half for each meal so thats about .55 cents. The peas are a little more expensive around .80 cents, and the almonds are about .30 cents per meal.

So if every meal was Apples/Chicken/Almonds then it would = ~ $1.50
6 meals a day, 7 days a week = $63 per week.

Thats pretty cheap. So what does everyone think? I know its not the best meal plan, but its better than sandwiches. These are the cheapest/easiest stuff to fix. Suggestions Welcome
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