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lsd means long slow distance.
one long run per week is all thats advised as you need ample recovery time before doing that again. on lsd days, forego any metcon crossfit. upper body strength is okay but once you get up past 10 miles on your long runs you probably wont be all into that either.

the general training plan goes like this;

day 1. run an intermediate distance doing intervals. so if your lsd miles are up to 8, you'd do 4 miles. mile one go easy. mile 2-4 run .25 mile intervals rcovering adequately before beginning the next interval. there is a cap to this, as interval training is hard ion the body. i'd cap this day at 6-7 miles, half of which are done as intervals.

day 2. cross train. bike. crossfit stuff. swim.

day 3. tempo run. after a warmup mile run the whole distance at near "race pace". you should feel uncofortable the whole time. work your way up to 7-10 miles and cap this day there.

day 4. short easy run. 2-4 miles to start. when you are at peak training cap it at 4-5 miles. crossfit stuff, weights.

day 5. rest or cross train easy.

day 6. lsd adding 1 or 2 miles a week.

day 7. recovery/rest. fun stuff.

this is a bare bones mileage program. remember to taper the week before the race. upper body stuff is good any day of the week. remember the 10% rule. do not add more than 10% distance or time to your training runs per week to allow for connective tissue adaptation. some days you'll feel like you could go further but resist the urge.

good luck!

dy try n
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