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Al Bulkley
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Thanks again for the input, everyone.

I did a couple easy miles today and will call this my first day of training for the marathon on 9/30 (a little earlier than I thought, actually).

How frequently and at what increments should I increase my mileage? Remember, I'm going to be doing one long run every 4 days, plus the day of interval runs. I want to increase very gradually as I have a little over 5 months. Should I just do it evenly, or is there a suggestion for a better formula? I've seen a few of the marathon training programs - they seem pretty standard - and I'm not sure they apply to my situation here.

If I find myself not recovering and needing to do more LSD work than I want to do, I'll make the decision to either do that, or call the whole thing off. I don't want to get hurt too bad (though I'm pretty resilient), and I also don't want to compromise too much the improvements in fitness I've been getting through my CF-style workouts.

I'll try to keep this thread updated with my progress.

Ben, I checked out your myspace page. Are you still in AK? Are you going to be working as a medic in CO? I was posted at Wainwright from 5/94 to 12/97 and I loved every minute of it, still miss AK. I've been an EMT-P for a long while, but currently working as an RN in a SICU. Hoping to get in anesthesia school in a couple years, or possibly back into flying full time.
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