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Re: Programming for competition

Just saw this today.......not sure what you ended up doing. There are a pile of options out there today. If you were looking for something cost effective I would say Invictus Masters is your best bet.

I have a personalized program. As a Masters athlete you want someone who knows what they are doing with folks our age as your response to training is quite a bit different than folks at age 25. I work with Mike F out of OPT in Calgary. There are a few other Masters programs out there including CompTrain and Outlaw as well as Icon athlete and BruteStrength. For personalized stuff there is OPEX, OPT (in Calgary), Invictus, Doug Chapman (Hyperfit), Raw Strength and Conditioning (who does Brent Fikowski's stuff) and a number of others.

Pick one and stick with it for a whole season.

Good luck.
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