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Re: Fringesport appreciation

Originally Posted by Ryan Guevara View Post
Hi folks. I know there is another live thread speaking about the Fringesport and their recent ban. Politics aside, I just wanted to express appreciation and gratitude towards their business.
About 2 months ago, I ordered a Pendlay Bearing Bar from Fringesport with free shipping. The bar came within a week and it was in mint condition. Their barbell packaging was excellent. They use the standard cardboard tube with metal end caps to house the primary barbell packaging...a second thinner cardboard tube with plastic end caps. Definitely explains why the bar was in great condition.
The other companies should take note of this. I did not have to pay tax (California) and shipping with Fringesport.
I received 2 damaged bars from Rogue but their excellent customer service took care of the problem. I love Rogue, but getting damaged bars after paying California tax and UPS ground shipping, is very dissapointing. I have deck out my garage in mostly Rogue gear but I always feel like I'm taking a gamble when ordering a bar from Rogue.
Anyways, that's my 2 cents. Not a political view, but just a simple thanks to those folks at Fringesport.
Thanks for the post. Good info there.

Yeah, as much as I love Rogue products, I was a little let down by their bar packaging too. There was nothing around the actual bar or bar ends to protect the finish.

My new Rogue Bar (Black/Silver edition) came with quite a few nicks & scratches though the silver and black finishes. I regret not getting a raw steel bar so I wouldn't have to deal with the finish coming off. Ultimately, the bar functions perfectly (and it's awesome), so I didn't send it back, but it still hurts to drop $300 and have something not arrive in tip-top shape. I only posted this here in hopes that maybe Rogue will read it and starting thinking about taking up new measures to improve their packing of bars. I know I would gladly pay a little extra ($5-15) for a little more protection on the bars.
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