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Re: Squat stands w/ spotter arms vs power rack

Originally Posted by David Shamah View Post
big issue with squat stands versus spotter arms for me would be that you wouldn't be able to do rack pulls on the spotter arms.
obviously the cage has more functionality too with the band pegs, pullup bar and the ability to go wide on your squats or deads.
im saving up my money for an R3.
i have squat stands now and im hate going heavy on my squats even with bumpers and stall mats.
For the rack pulls thing, build some boxes, they are cheap and easy, and with the weights on the boxes versus on the pins of a rack, it helps feel like regular pull, whereas rack pulls have the different feeling due to different bar flex.

I was worried about not squatting in a rack, but now I love it. Assuming you have bumpers, just learn to bail. If you are into benching though, then I would save up for a rack.
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