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Re: Squat stands w/ spotter arms vs power rack

Originally Posted by Mike Hollister View Post
Any reason to go w/ a rack over an S1 w/ spotter arms (for bench mostly).

I don't need a pull up bar. I guess additional weight storage would be useful but I think I'd be more interested in saving the space.

Is there something I'm missing about the utility of a power rack?
The R3 actually takes up less space then the S1. Other than than, the R3 offers a little more versatility - band begs and the option to use safety straps as opposed to bars/arms if you want to.

I am currently trying to make the same decision, and think I am going to go with the R3, but I need the pullup bar and plate storage as well. Also, I just like the feeling of being inside a power rack as opposed to squat stands.

That being said, my brother has the S1 - and it is an awesome product. Increadibly stable - probably the sturdiest squat stand I have ever used.
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