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Re: chrissey's CFCC log

womp, womp, womp.

Friday 6/1. Deadlift, peak of 1. Was gunning for 300 and so sure I was going to hit it...but. Nope. 155x3-195-225-255-275-285F. 275 felt really heavy and 285 (my current max) just wasn't going to get up today.

Skipped Fran - ripped my palm pretty bad during Wednesday's workout and I didn't want to bother with grips. I'm pretty bummed about this, but I have another 29 days to hit 300 on schedule (in theory).

My mind was not with it today. I was out at lunch this afternoon and our waiter had a seizure right when he started to tell us the specials. He fell onto our table and then rolled into my lap - along with my entire glass of iced tea. Grateful that I was able to gently place him on the floor. Poor kid was disoriented and confused when the seizure ended - he had no recollection of it. Apparently it was his first day too - dude will forever be known as "the guy that had a seizure on the floor." Genuinely hope he's OK, but that threw the rest of my day a little off.
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