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Re: Overall thoughts on Open wods?

Ideally, they should not only test maximal strength, but also test strength in the various rep ranges (5RM, 10RM, 15RM, etc..). It should be athlete's responsibility to choose those weights/know where they are at.

Part of the problem is that the Games not only "tests" but also "showcases,"
that is, it showcases the kind of athletes that are part of Crossfit, and what they are capable of doing. It stands to reason that workouts are so chosen, so that those athletes can showcase their skills. As such, most of the workouts become time-based vs. completion-based, that is, they are going to be chosen so that a reasonable Crossfitter without serious skill deficit can be expected to complete the work, but maybe not all that fast.

I doubt King Kong will be part of the Games anytime soon, since many people would DNF. Thus to even the field, this calls for moderate/light weights and an inordinate number of reps.

In the end, you are good at what you train for. Rob Orlando, though strong, can't just hop on the rings and do a maltese without training it. Similarly Crossfit games will always test the best Crossfitter, nothing else. If Reebok is willing to sponsor that, maybe that is good enough.
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