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Re: You must eat this much to play

Originally Posted by Emerson Hoff View Post
But Katherine! Tracy Anderson and Gwyneth Paltrow only recommend 700 calories a day!

WFS (but may cause you to gouge out your eyeballs in frustration)
Mother of God. I had seen her stupid video before with the "no woman should ever lift more than 3 pounds" comment, but that diet plan is a whole new level of insanity.

The lack of absorbable calcium (less than 300mg - the body needs 800mg a day) means you risk earlyonset osteoporosis and osteopenia too - something that Gwyneth has been diagnosed with.
Not a coincidence, and not solely the result of a lack of calcium. I wonder if there are 700 calories in Gwyneth's entire body. Well, maybe if you ate her bone marrow, which apparently would be easy to get at.

+1 Katherine. Seriously overweight people should eat calorie restricted diets, athletes should not.
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