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Re: Having Trouble Squatting

Originally Posted by Andrew Perlot View Post
I'm a pretty flexible and reasonably fit guy, but I am terrible at squatting.

It's just that my body seems physically unable to make a squatting movement.

Not only can I not do the squatting exercise, but I can't do the "Asian squat" that every person in India and China seems to be able to do without the slightest bit of effort -They use it as a comfortably way to sit!

In yoga, I am also unable to do a good "Chair Pose", which is similar to a squat.

I really want to be able to do squats, and I'm hoping you can point out what I'm doing wrong. Maybe I'm tight somewhere?

Here is a video of me trying to squat/do an Asian squat. Video is family safe, appropriate, etc. Hosted on Youtube.

Any suggestions?
You might want to try bending your knees.
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