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Re: Vegan Paleo

Fat and carbs are metabolized differently. Generally speaking, carbs are available more quickly, an important consideration for many athletes. Personally, I do not do well on the very low-carb diets often recommended here.

For non-diabetics, the insulin impact of grains, or carbs generally, is IMO often vastly exaggerated. Particularly if the carbs are coming from a whole grain source, as opposed to Twinkies and sugary beverages.

Similarly, the broad brush claim that "all" grains are pro-inflammatory for "all" people and should be avoided is contradicted by the vast populations who do quite well on grain-rich diets. The fact that celiac disease exists is not an argument for the elimination of brown rice.

As far as the use of corn for sugar, no one in this thread is recommending the consumption of HFCS, so I'm not sure why it's relevant.

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