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I guess I will play Devil's Advocate and express the fact that I believe the rotational and 'resistance' to rotational forces are VERY important to incoporate into your workouts in order to complement CrossFit WOD. We MUST keep in mind that the WOD is only part of a fitness / conditioning routine. Many of us need more, less or adaptations of the WOD in order to improve and maintain on different facettes of fitness.
I regularly incorporate 1 side / 1 arm work (resistance to rotation), and rotational throwing / pulling / flexion (actual rotation). I also use un-even BB loading, etc...

As for the throwers who get enough 'rotation work' from DL, squats, etc... We must keep in mind that I am certain Dan John, Coach, etc...won't be giving us EVERYTHING they do, try or think of as far as training programming goes. I am also certain that if we would all put in 5 hours of discus (and other) throwing each week...we would also be able to exclude rotation work in our daily conditioning! that would be rotation work enough for most of us to end up with disfunctional obliques (and more!) by the end of week one!

Keep in mind that One arm OH Walking lunges is a great example of exercises that will improve your 'rotation' strength!

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