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I'm new to CrossFit, but above average in knowledge of exercise. And like most things in my life I know just enough to be dangerous, but as I look at the WOD's and the list of exercises I see few if any movements with twisting in them. Isn't this a basic human movement pattern? Throwing, swinging a club or bat, starting a lawn mower all have a twist in them.

This quote got me thinking about it some more, 'In Dorothy Voss's book, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation,she states that muscles are connected to bones in spiral and diagonal patterns, not in straight lines. These patterns of muscle attachment should be reflected in the way we strengthen our muscles. Most traditional exercises, however, assume a straight-line connection, and many standard machines force the body to move in straight lines.'

So, why no twisting movments? Is it a equipment limitation in an effort to keep it simple?
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